Vesime è la città dove si trova Cavallero, nella Langa Astigiana

Cavallero is in Vesime, in the province of Asti. Our family history has been entwined with that of the village for many generations.

Vesime is located between the River Bormida and the high Langa hills. The view is breath-taking: hazelnut groves, vineyards and woods colour the slopes and we trace landscapes with striking colours and profiles.

The parish archives conserve parchments that prove the arrival in the area of our ancestors, who came to Italy from Spain in 1556. The history of Cavallero in Vesime starts from the Iberian peninsula, while the place name of Vesime has clear Latin origins. In Roman times there was a post station in this very town, along the road that linked Acqui to Castino, near the twentieth stone (ad vigesimum lapidem, in Latin, and the name of the town derives from this description).