Specialità gastronomiche dell'Alta Langa da scoprire con i vini Cavallero

Vesime is home to many local products that have achieved popularity and conquered the palates of those seeking authentic Langa flavours.

Robiola di Roccaverano is very well known: a unique cheese, made with goat’s milk or with a combination of goat’s and cow’s milk. Fresh or mature, it is characterised by an intense and creamy flavour. Locally farmed capon is another of those things that cannot be missed on festive occasions, a traditional country dish capable of delighting palates with its simple genuineness.

Robiola di Roccaverano: specialità d'Alta Langa

Ravioli al plin have also carved out a special place among the local specialities of Vesime: this classic homemade pasta pinched together to seal the filling inside, creates a deliciously tasty traditional pasta dish. Suitable for serving with a variety of sauces, they are a real pleasure to discover.

In Vesime, Dolcetto is the everyday wine par excellence in the area and we are always happy to uncork it. A fragrant and vinous red wine with persistent tannins. Moscato is also at home in Vesime. We have been making it for many years now, trying to be gentle, to respect its unique fruity and aromatic characteristics.