Vista panoramica di Cavallero Vini e dei colli circostanti l'azienda, a Vesime

Alta Langa, borderland between Piedmont and Liguria. It embraces the extreme ramifications of the provinces of Asti and Cuneo.

It represents the extreme limit of the territory, along the luxuriant line that unites the two regions. The landscapes that you’ll encounter here are very different from each other, cultures and traditions that have learned to coexist over time, gradually creating a new one, together. Cavallero established its home in this area in the sixteenth century. Let us take you on a journey to explore the Alta Langa, among little villages, wild nature and food and wine treasures.

Cartoline dall'Alta Langa, il territorio

A border between different crops

Those who have already visited our winery know how unique the land that we occupy is within the context of the crops that surround it. Because our vineyards are embraced by woodland and hazelnut groves, the most common cultivations in these parts. Cavallero is one of very few wineries in the area: unlike the better known Langa, vineyards here are rare. If you are passing through, if you are looking for places to holiday that are off the beaten track and in direct contact with nature, come and visit us: we can show you enchanting views and beautiful places to walk in the countryside. Spend a while enjoying a wine tasting in the cellar and these hills will enter your heart forever, the way they did with us.