Freisa d'Asti DOC Lurenzein - Cavallero Vini (Vesime)

It has a more or less intense ruby red colour, while the nose releases intense aromas of raspberry and rose which evolve into more spicy scents with age. The palate is dry, warm and coarse.

Type: Freisa d’Asti D.O.C.

Grape variety: 100% Freisa

Altitude: 280-300 m above sea level

Soil: loam-silt-clay

Harvest: late September

Vinification: after selection in the vineyard, the grapes are harvested and taken to the cellar, where they are destemmed and softly crushed. Alcoholic fermentation takes place in stainless steel tanks at a temperature of 26-28°C. The duration of maceration varies depending on the vintage, lasting between four and five days. During this time, the must is pumped over several times with increasing frequency and duration. 48 hours after the start of alcoholic fermentation, the marc which has settled at the bottom of the tank is removed from the fermenting mass, so as to limit the extraction of the harsher and bitterer tannins.
Maceration is followed by racking and malo-lactic fermentation in steel. After a few months of ageing, the wine is bottled and released for sale from December.

Freisa d'Asti DOC Lurenzein - Cavallero Vini (Vesime)