La filosofia Cavallero: ogni vino prodotto è una promessa

We see wine as a promise made to those who decide to open one of our bottles, and also as a promise that we make to the land we cultivate, and to ourselves.

Making wine requires commitment, determination and a slightly stubborn streak. It takes love for Vesime and the Alta Langa Astigiana hills, a place far removed from the way many people imagine Piemonte. A wild, harsh, difficult but beautiful place.

We take care of every part of the process ourselves, managing every vineyard with scrupulous attention. We restrict operations in the vineyard to the bare minimum, doing our utmost to respect the fruit and maintain all its aroma and fragrance so that they reach the bottle intact. 700,000 square metres of land, 240,000 of specialised vineyards, all facing south: this is the canvas where we paint the portrait of a frank and sincere wine, as close as possible to the idea we have of it.

Cavallero, un buon vino nasce in vigna

How does Cascina Cavallero see wine?

As a food, the way it used to be considered. A constant presence at mealtimes, a living product that changes and evolves constantly into something new. A song of the earth, a faithful mirror of the area where it is born. We work passionately between the vineyard and the cellar, to present bottles that we can be proud of. Something that we can identify with, something like us: tenacious, convivial, open and in love with our land.

Between tasting our wines chatting in the cellar, those who come to visit us have learnt about the way we make wine: we are what we are, straightforward and honest. Those who come back to Vesime, year after year, know that they will find themselves in a familiar setting, among friends. And meeting up again is the most important recognition for us: a clear indication that we are moving in the right direction.