In the evocative Alta Langa landscape, in a position extraordinarily geared to wines, you can find Cavalleros’ estate.

The valuable parchments of Vesime parish archives support since the 1500s the care and diligence that this family of wine-makers devotes to its production. This ancient tradition goes on with the safe rythm of old rules, constantly awarded by the countless recognitions obtained in strict and prestigious competitions in Italy and abroad. Everything is cared by the family itself which is one of the rare vite and wine farms of Piedmont.

The estate lays on 70 hectares of land, whose 22 are specialized vineyards all looking to south.
The ancient Cavalleros’ DOC wines have few secrets: grapes are severely cleared during ripening from small “cru” which respect the old morphology of the vineyards.

Cavallero wine producers offer several varieties of products, carefully followed from the vineyard to the packed bottle, always respecting natural times and laws, with a growing attention to the safeguard of environment following the rules of integrated pest control.
For this family the land, the climate, the forefathers’ experience and the technological novelties are a continuous pledge and stimulus.

All their efforts, their sacrifices and hard work in the vineyard are rewarded by extraordinary harvests; their care and precision in the winery are repaid with an excellent product; the esteem and fondness of their customers are for the Cavalleros the starting point of a continuous improvement.